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Umbrella ultralyt Reflector Silver Gold 91 cm 36 EZFWFDEST



Availability: In Stock

ultralyt umbrella are ideal for studio or for outdoor lighting, offer a wide range of designs, sizes and shades in the range of ultralyt umbrella reflectors, soft light box (softlight), (box) and are reversible, this is the model ultralyt tone silver/gold reflector with 91cm = 36Inches.Product: Umbrella Reflector'Diameter: 36x 910mmRod: 8mm diameterColor: Silver and Gold

The umbrella ultralyt are ideal for studio lighting or for open spaces, offering a wide range of models, action and tone. In the range of umbrella ultralyt find reflectors, soft light box (box) (Softlight), and reversible.
With the umbrella reflector Silver/Gold Tone ultralyt, you get a clear lighting with strong contrasts and brilliant colours.
This is the model reflector Silver/Gold Tone ultralyt with measure of 91cm = 36inches.
If you wish to make product photography or to accentuate details in portrait photography, the umbrella reflector ultralyt Silver/Gold will help you to generate a warm light and achieve the best colours of leather.
The photographic umbrella reflectors ultralyt are available in measures from 84cm (33& # 34;) up to 109cm (43& # 34;), thus achieving meet the needs of each client.

Umbrella ultralyt Reflector Silver Gold 91 cm 36 EZFWFDEST

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